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Telecommunication Works

Experienced team are dispatched to construct sites according to customer specifications. We have a verifiable track record in providing high-quality Telecommunication & In-Building / Das Deployment sites. We achieved this through a proven design approach, network parameter audits and change management and hardware inspection. Our team have successfully rolled out sites for Maxis, U Mobile, Huawei, Celcom and Ericsson including upgrading works.

We are acknowledged as one of the industry leaders for our outstanding experience in the fields as the following: –

  • CME Rooftop including Mini Pole. Minimast, Bipod, Tripod and Unipole
  • CME Vacant Land including foundation, tower, lampole, monopole, billboard and PBTS
  • CME Room Renovation
  • CME Sharing Tower
  • CME structure dismantling, relocation and installation
  • Installation of antenna and outdoor coverage system
  • Installation, commissioning & integration BTS
  • Installation, testing and commissioning Rectifier
  • Installation RBS/BTS system for migration and upgrading
  • Installation of 4G LTE System
  • In-Building and Small Cell Network Development Technology Selection
  • System Architecture and Overall Network Planning
  • In-Building and Small Cell Site Design
  • RF In-Building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Dimensioning
  • RF In-Building Site Integration and System Acceptance Support
  • RF In-Building Construction Management
  • Drive Test
  • All related Telecommunication & In-Building / Das Deployment works